MAST - Mobile Advanced Safety Tower


Our MAST system is a fully monitored, rapidly deployed, mobile safety tower which
provides 24-hour, high-quality CCTV surveillance with live/recorded footage and AI customization.
It is 100% self-powered using solar energy and a back-up battery of more than 100 hours.

MAST - Mobile Advanced Safety Tower

360 Vision Invictus Hybrid – a true PTZ

Our camera quality is exceptional:

  • Flat glass window with wiper
  • Fully ruggedized housing and exceptional build
  • Ultra-reliable and resilient Pan & Tilt gearbox
  • HYBRID – HD & Analogue in ONE unit (Patent Pending technology from 360 Vision)
  • Optional Integrated high-performance IR and/or White Light with intelligent control
  • ‘Stay-in-place’ privacy zones

MAST may be used in a variety of settings and environments that other surveillance towers cannot go. With enhanced wireless connectivity it can be controlled remotely from any connected device, even at large events. There are many customizable options including a public address system (live or pre-recorded), a siren, spot light, LED lighting, TV screens, and data collection options. Our MAST V (truck) and MAST MT (mobile trailer) are now in production.


Unique when compared to other mobile surveillance towers, our MAST systems are:

  • Advanced surveillance systems with seamless connectivity and AI customization that work with any existing Video Management System or our best in brand partner bespoke VMS software solutions
  • Completely off-grid using solar power and 100+ hours of battery back-up (plug-in options available)
  • Deployed in 30-45 minutes
  • Completely silent operation
  • Robust and tamperproof with no external wires or cabling/solar panels at safe height
  • Multi-function and customizable: security, safety, data collection, video streaming
  • Flexible and sustainable with limited impact on the world around us
  • Aesthetically suitable for public areas, parks, events and city centers
  • Modular for easy upgrades as they become available

Our MAST components have been tried and tested in a number of climates and environments to be a robust and complete integrated solution to a variety of security and public safety concerns. Operating temperature range from -22F – 140F.

MAST - Mobile Advanced Safety Tower


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