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Unmanned Aerial Systems

Security Centres International is bringing a new level of security to the US market by offering the best in UAS technology and innovation
to law enforcement, government agencies and businesses across the nation.

Fixed Wing Drone

Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) Division

We have been creating intelligent and innovative problem solving for clients for over 40 years. This experience has enabled us to secure partnerships with industry leaders in addition to our own custom UAS, providing our clients with the best solutions and technology that the global market has to offer. With an experienced UAS team, all of whom have served in the military or law enforcement, we understand first-hand the responsibility of crime prevention and public safety.

Smart City Surveillance

High definition, live aerial video footage that is relayed and recorded remotely from a UAS is an essential tool in crime prevention. We utilize the latest in aerial technology to provide cost-effective solutions to police, marine, fire, prisons and private corporate security. Providing an “eye in the sky”, our UAS offer the ability to monitor situations in real-time, day or night, with advanced optic and sensor packages, all the while inhibiting possible criminal activity.

Drone Camera

Crime Scene Mapping

Police departments are employing UAS to save valuable time in reconstructing both accident and crime scene investigations. By utilizing our UAS with high-resolution cameras, agencies can now rapidly recreate a 3D model of a crime or accident scene. Easily portable, and capable of deploying out of a service vehicle, these systems gather mass information at a higher rate than traditional methods. Our UAS virtually eliminate delays and dependence on physical infrastructure, such as ladder trucks or manned aviation assets which require significant deployment time and cost.

Drone over Pipes

Utility Industry

Our UAS can inspect and monitor sensitive infrastructure, ranging from power lines and transmission towers to utility pipelines, which are often located in dangerous locations or inaccessible terrain. The use of UAS mitigates hazardous, time-consuming, and expensive work while providing high-quality, detailed images that are required for accurate and rapid assessment for engineers and inspectors. We know that a particular set of challenges require an exact, reliable and cost effective solution.

Training and Certification

SCI provides a turn-key, cost-effective solution that includes the following;

  • SUA Pilot Training
  • FAA/CAA Approved Certification
  • SOP Manual Development
  • Aviation Authority Regulatory Liaison
  • Technology Consultation and Provision
  • External Auditing

SCI is a full service solutions provider for UAS solutions. Our U.S. based team offers over 30-years of industry experience within manned and unmanned aerial operations in the multispectral landscapes of the Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, and civic application arenas. We are FAA compliant and fully certified in UAS systems. Our pilots provide depth of experience with flight missions worldwide, allowing us to ensure clients receive the highest standards of engagement and delivery.

Search and Rescue

Our UAS provide an affordable low-risk solution which incorporates aerial assistance into Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. Our systems are readily available, providing high-resolution photo and video, as well as thermal imaging. Utilizing UAS in SAR operations has repeatedly proven to save lives, increase situational awareness, and reduce time in personnel and equipment recovery.

Coastal Surveillance

SCI’s UAS Division can provide additional air support to law enforcement and marine units for SAR, drug interdiction, and general border protection. We provide a dedicated flight and operations team or have the capability to train personnel at your location. From on-demand missions to long-range patrols, our UAS can fly up to 100 nautical miles offshore, with a secure, uplinked data feed accessible by internet or cellular connection.