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Security Centres International was established in 2005.

Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, with regional offices in The Bahamas, Bermuda and Chattanooga, Tennessee and a Distribution Centre in Doral, Florida, Security Centres International Limited are a leading security and life safety advisory and delivery firm based in the US and the Caribbean.

Working at a direct local level with governments, national security and law enforcement agencies and medium to large multi-national corporate customers, we help to identify solutions and deliver measurable, sustainable property and life protection outcomes. We assist in the delivery of crime and risk reduction strategies by engaging best in brand industry partners, connecting them to our clients and maintaining presence of business to ensure long-term support and continued relationships.

Statoil Bahamas

SCI have also completed a major overhaul and replacement of a large scale access control system for an oil refinery in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and the Inter-America Development Bank for their Caribbean regional offices. In Panama our team completed the design and installation of a networked CCTV system for the fabrication and pre- build facility of the $4.2B dollar underground metro system.  Our firm was also recently contracted to install a networked video surveillance project for the Port Authority of the British Virgin Islands.

Recent contracts of note include the National CCTV Surveillance projects for the Governments of the Cayman Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and The Bahamas where we have deployed hybrid (fibre and wireless) wide area video surveillance networks with CAD, LPR and video/behavioral analytics integration along with complete command and control centre design/build/fit-out.

HCVM Scanning Vehicle

We are regularly engaged to design and install multi-faceted and fully integrated systems, such as those for banking and financial institutions with multi-layer detection and surveillance, including custom designed Class 3 modular vault systems and ballistic barriers for strong rooms, including the Monetary Authority in the Cayman Islands.

We are also engaged in border protection with the deployment and support of high-energy scanning cargo container screening trucks, and fixed x-ray inspection systems specifically designed for Customs Agencies.

Our regulatory team works with all local aviation authorities to seek the required permits and approvals to fly safely and legally in the local airspace, and we work with a wide variety of manufacturers to ensure perfectly tailored sky technology for all of our clients, SCI has developed our own bespoke Fixed Wing Drone solution, to ensure we meet our client’s requirements and concept of operations.