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Corrections and Custodial Services

ePostman – The fastest and cheapest way to send letters to and receive letters from someone in prison.


e-Postman is an electronic mailing solution for Correctional Facility Mailrooms to generate income, reduce costs, control fraud and improve processes in Federal Prisons, revolutionizing the way that mail is sent to and by offenders.

e-Postman provides the ultimate in hybrid mail solutions into Federal Prisons. The service allows families and friends to easily stay in contact with those who have been incarcerated. It provides an efficient and cost-effective way to send letters to the incarcerated offender – and for them to be able to quickly reply.

e-Postman provides a solution that makes mail sending quicker and cheaper for the sender, while also providing the prison with income generation and cost reductions, the system presents real cost savings by reducing the postage cost of each free letter sent by a prisoner and ensuring their allocation of free letters is not exceeded.

With features designed to enhance mail room processes, security and efficiency are also improved.

How does it work?

A person sending letters to an offender creates an account on the system and once logged in buys credits to send letters. They type their letter on our website and send it directly from there.

The prison staff logs into the server, downloads letters, prints them out and then delivers them to the relevant recipients on their next mail round.

The offender sends mail out of the prison by writing a letter on our pre-printed forms which the mailroom staff collects and scan in to the e-Postman system. An email or a physical address can be used. If email is used, the scanned letter is attached to an email and sent directly to the recipient. If a physical address is used our mail processing facility will download, print, seal and post the letter.

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What about security?

e-Postman uses separate login and passwords for all users, including prison mailroom staff.

How does the user benefit?

The main benefits are speed and cost.

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