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Blast & Ballistic Solutions

Bombs, hurricanes and even missiles. Our solutions based approach means
we can advise, supply and install whatever you will need to ensure your building, space, person(s) or vehicles are protected.


SECURABLINDS® portfolio offers a unique, British designed and patent protected range of Blast Protection and Forced Entry Prevention blind systems, for window and door openings. Currently manufactured in the UK, SECURABLINDS® products have been tested for forced entry prevention. They were included in the United Kingdom Explosive Trials carried out by Comblast, the international testing authority, being tested for protection against 100kg and 500kg TNT equivalent.

Our products have achieved the highest standards of accreditation, complying with the exacting standards set. We are the only company globally that can provide these patented systems that withstand such high levels of attack, and there are no other comparable products. The SECURABLINDS® patented system won the UK’s Counter Terrorism and Specialist Security (CTSS) 2012 Award, paying testament to product quality and strength, voted ahead of a range of other prestigious security solution providers.

The solid construction of the SECURABLINDS® Product Range creates an impervious barrier between an attack and the inside of your property. Our products have the benefits and aesthetics of a conventional window blind, without the degrading looks of many physical security systems. Unlike conventional blinds, they do not suffer broken cords or strings, missing or damaged blades, and SECURABLINDS® products polyester powder coating is simple to maintain and clean.

The SECURABLINDS® products are custom made for your building and offer a range of specifications. These include Single Gate (left or right hand hung), Double Gate, Fixed Grille and Horizontal Slider. Multiple configurations are also available to cover larger window areas. SECURABLINDS® patented portfolio achieved ISO16933 and has also been accredited by the American Department of State (DOS) for prevention of forced entry.


A recently designed, developed, and fabricated new range of fully certified ISO 16933:2007 ASIAD compliant sliding door systems.

With the number of threats increasing constantly, there is an increasing need to develop a product that can be installed in various infrastructure buildings in order to protect those inside.

Doors of this nature have been produced before, however, our solutions are the largest doors that have ever withstood a blast test of this magnitude: measuring 30% larger than any comparable doors systems.

Members of London Gatwick Airport security department recently joined our partners’ bomb-blast team, to witness the incredible force generated by a car bomb. What was more impressive was what followed… the sliding door system remained, gleaming in the sun, and showing nothing but a scratch, and still operational!