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Mobile Advanced Safety Towers (MAST)

SCI USA specializes in the most advanced, integrated mobile surveillance and public safety systems available, coupled with outstanding
value and expertise. Designed and made in the USA, you can be assured of a safe and reliable product with excellent service and continued specialized support.

SCI USA is the leader in MAST technology, combining the most advanced surveillance systems with seamless connectivity and AI customization. Our units work completely off-grid using solar power and 100+ hours of battery back-up and can be deployed in 30-45 minutes.       

Unique when compared to other mobile surveillance towers, our MAST systems are a robust and multi-function solution specifically designed to support public safety, law enforcement, state and federal government agencies, utilities, energy, infrastructure and commercial customers.



Our MAST components have been tried and tested in a number of climates and environments to be a robust and complete integrated solution to a variety of security and public safety concerns. Whether it’s an immediate temporary solution or as part of a long-term strategic security plan, our team of experts will work with you to provide a solution with measurable outcomes and within budget.

  • Maximum Physical Deterrent
  • Fully monitored
  • Power and battery back-up
  • Wireless connectivity and long range signaling
  • Advanced, reliable and stable CCTV technology
  • 100% self powered, hybrid tower!

Bigger Deterrent

  • 35ft telescoping tower with adjustable height options
  • Eight sided robust, tamperproof/customizable base
  • -20 degrees to 140 degrees temperature compatibility
  • Solar powered with 100+ hours of battery backup
  • Zero infrastructure requirements
  • PA or two-way communication
  • 4K LTE Cellular and FirstNet capability
  • Motion and fence line detection and thermal imaging
  • Analytics
  • Solar/Mains/Aux Power
  • 24/7 Monitoring and response with real time alerts

What exactly is a MAST system?

Quite simply, our MAST system is a fully monitored, rapidly deployed, mobile safety tower which provides 24-hour, high-quality CCTV surveillance with live/recorded footage, public address system (live or pre-recorded) including a siren as well as other customizable options. It is 100% self-powered using solar energy and a back-up battery of more than 100 hours. This means it may be used in a variety of settings and environments that other surveillance towers cannot go. With enhanced wireless connectivity it can be controlled remotely from almost any appointed device, even at large events.


Why you should use SCI USA:

  • We are primarily a security solutions provider. You share your problem with us and we will provide a solution based on 40-years of experience and hands-on security and public safety knowledge.
  • No costly outlay.You can rent our systems by the week, month or indefinitely! We will provide first-class customer support.
  • We upgrade your unit whenever an upgrade becomes available, so you’re never left with old or obsolete technology.
  • All our systems are manufactured and assembled in the USA and are USA Government compliant.
  • We are real people, who will answer your call if you have a question or need assistance. Although automated response systems have a place in business, we know the frustrations of being left out in the cold if you are in immediate need.